We support our clients through building strong systems in order to manage this important aspect of your business.  First, we always want to manage through prevention.  The systems you put into place will support in injury prevention.  If a claim does arise, the SDI Group can support your organization by applying sound strategies to your business.  We will manage the claim through the following solutions:

Claims Management – Claims review – A thorough review of the claims including options for cost relief and or claim removal. Prompt reporting to the WCB, managing the claim and early intervention goes a long way towards reducing claims and bringing the employee back to their pre-accident duties sooner.

Modified Work – Building a comprehensive Return-to-Work Program designed to manage the claim.

Training – Education in WCB management goes a long way towards understanding how the claim process works and how to better manage your Health and Safety System.

To date, the SDI Group supported in saving over $500,000 in cost savings through proper claims management.