Today’s organizations require non-traditional ways to meet their health and safety goals.  The SDI Group recognizes this and has built a strong foundation in designing systems that will complement an organization’s existing business structure.  Key areas that are focused on include:

Needs Assessments

When an organization contacts us to assist them with their Health and Safety System, one of the first questions we ask is where they are at in terms of meeting their health and safety goals.

Quite often the client will state that they are not sure, but know they need to meet legislation and provide a safe working environment for their employees. They have been told that they need to meet certain requirements but do not have a plan in place to achieve this.

The SDI Group believes very strongly in ensuring our clients have the tools necessary to meet their health and safety goals. This is done through a needs assessment.

A needs Assessment is a complete review of a company’s organization.  Similar to an audit, The SDI Group will review all available documentation, conduct interviews with staff and conduct a thorough observation tour.  However, it does not stop there. SDI reviews each area using various media techniques such as pictures, video and 3-D drawings to illustrate to the client where the company’s strengths lie and where recommendations for improvement are needed. After completion, a full review is discussed with the client, with a “go forward” action plan in place.

The success of this approach has lead The SDI Team to become one of Western Canada leading providers of health, safety and environment solutions.

Health and Safety System Maintenance

The SDI Group has often been brought in to support many of our clients through a maintenance contract. This is an excellent way to manage and maintain their health and safety system without hiring a full time safety person. Clients have often told us that we are the extending arms of their organization.

We would love to discuss your specific needs, please contact us.