The SDI Group can supply and service all the First Aid kits your organization needs. This includes regular inspections to ensure that all kits supplied are maintained.

First Aid Knowledge

No matter what First Aid kit you buy, it must contain the contents either on the front or back of the kit to indicate what is required for that particular kit. All First Aid kits should be mounted or put in a location where all staff can access it when needed.

First Aid Reports

If a First Aid incident occurs, under legislation you must fill out a First Aid report detailing certain key points. The report must include the name of the worker, the name and qualifications of the person giving first aid, a description of the illness or injury, the first aid given to the worker, the date and time of the illness or injury, the date and time the illness or injury was reported, where at the worksite the incident occurred, and the work related cause of the incident, if any.

Drugs in First Aid Kits

The SDI Group believes that First Aid kits are for First Aid! Pain aids, cough drops, and other drugs put in First Aid kits are expensive and can be a liability to your organization. You are not a drug store! First Aid kits are for treating injuries. You will never see drugs in an SDI Group First Aid kit.

First Aid Training

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