Fire Extinguishers

The SDI Group provides new, reconditioned and complete servicing of all our fire extinguisher products. The SDI Group carries a full range of fire extinguishers for all your company’s needs, including inspection, recharging, repair, pickup and delivery.

Fire Extinguisher Knowledge

When deciding on where to place a fire extinguisher, map out where a fire could occur and what type of extinguisher is best suited to properly extinguish the fire. Typically fire extinguishers should be spaced about 75 feet apart and mounted on a wall with a sign indicating where the fire extinguisher is located if you cannot visibly see it. Did you know that all fire extinguishers should be inspected at least monthly? Organizations can do this themselves or have the SDI Group take care of it for you. All fire extinguishers require a yearly service and must be hydrostatically tested every six years.

Fire Fighting Training

Have ever used a fire extinguisher before? Many people have not. Using a fire extinguisher is like First Aid. It is something that you may not use every day, but you do need to be prepared. The SDI Group provides you with the skills on how to properly extinguish a fire through our pan fire training program. Your staff will go through hands on training to learn how to properly extinguish a fire with one of our instructors.

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